Cleaning Up In Preparation For Bartow Mold Removal

EPS, a Bartow mold removal company will rehabilitate your homes and buildings that have been infected by mold. There is a cleaning up process that home and building owners must understand because it’s a bit complicated than regular clean up. This process will help prepare your homes or buildings for the removal of mold from the infested areas.

This clean-up process is the same for mold remediation levels 1 and 2. As for level 3, that will fall under a separate guideline.

Repair the water problem

Most mold problems are caused by a water problem, which means a probable leakage from your pumps, pipes, roof, etc. The first thing that needs to be done is to repair this problem, so now new mold spores will be created.

Isolate the contaminated area

Once the contaminated area has been identified, this should be closed off from the rest of the house or the building. The primary goal is to prevent the spread of the mold to other rooms. Most companies would use polyethylene sheeting with the ends sealed with duct tape.

Remove dust

Complete clean all surfaces (furniture, floor, etc.) of the contaminated room. Mold removal companies do this by misting the area.

Remove mold-damaged materials

If all the furniture and materials from the contaminated room cannot be removed, at least those that have been infected by mold should be eliminated. The Environmental Protection Agency has a list of materials that must be removed from a mold-contaminated area.

Place contaminated materials in a bag

The plastic bags where wet and moldy materials are going to be placed should be six mil thick. Make sure that the bags are all tied. You can dispose of these bags like regular trash provided that the outsides of the bags have been wiped with a detergent solution.

Clean everything

Every material, non-porous or not, especially wood surfaces, must be cleaned. Companies use a wire brush for moldy surfaces to remove all the mold and then wipe it with disposable wipes afterward. If you will dispose these wipes as common trash, you need to put them in bags that are 6 mil thick. Preferably, they should be in double bags and tied properly. Using a damp cloth, clean everything (except wood) with a detergent solution and then rinse the materials with water.

Clean the affected areas

Levels 1 and 2 will differ at this point. For level 1, the company must clean the surface with a damp cloth and detergent solution. For level 2, they must vacuum all surfaces with a HEPA vacuum then clean the surfaces with a damp cloth and detergent solution. As mentioned above, the disposable wipes must be put in a 6 mil bag before they can be discarded as regular trash.

Dry the materials

As mentioned before, moisture allows the mold to thrive. Without moisture, mold would cease to appear in your homes or buildings. Everything should be dry, so that the mold won’t reappear easily in the already infected areas. At EPS our Bartow mold removal service will make sure that you, our valued client, are worry-free and sleeping peacefully at night.

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