Important Elements of Lakeland Water Damage Restoration Services

In order to restore your property—either your home or your business office—into its former glory after a Lakeland water damage, you need to call a professional water restoration contractor like the Environmental Protective Solutions. The presence of water in your homes or offices can lead to the increase of mold contamination, which can pose a lot of health and hazardous risks to the occupants of the homes or the offices.

The cost to restoring water damage can be quite high, though it will all depend on several factors such as eliminating the source of the moisture or water, the extent of the damage, the difficulty of cleaning the affected areas, and the labor rate of the workers.

And while all of these would amount to a cost that not many homeowners and business owners are willing to shell out, it is important to note that letting water or mold fester in your homes or offices can damage more than the usual aesthetics. It could, in fact, destroy the very foundation of the building.

The needs of each area of the house affected by water damage depends on the construction of the room and the extent of the damage. A bathroom of 80 square feet, for example, would need to undergo these things to be restored: remove all damaged drywall on ceilings and walls, strip off the vinyl floor, and replace the sub-flooring, drywall, paint, and pipes.

Removing the walls, flooring material, and fixtures doesn’t always mean they would go to waste. The damaged materials will naturally be disposed, but those that can be reused will be cleaned, stored, and reused later on. The EPS, for example, would need to properly dispose of the waste because the damage could create bacteria to form. Take note that there is a proper way to dispose products that have been damaged by water or mold.

Once everything has been stripped off, disposed, and cleaned, what needs to be done next is to determine just how much “renovation” a room needs. Of course, there would be a need to replace all the existing elements that have been removed such as the drywall, the ceiling, the tiles, the flooring and fixtures, and the paint.

Before placing these all back, the Lakeland water damage contractor would need to make sure that they are using antimicrobial supplies. In the future, this would help prevent the rapid spread of mold and the extend of the water damage.

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