Household Mold is Serious

The growth of mold is often overlooked because they are the silent workers that destroy your homes and office buildings. It shrewdly grows indoors and outdoors, especially on wet or damp surfaces such as wallpapers, ceiling tiles, wood, drywall, carpets, and insulation material. It grows so fast that it can rule your buildings in 48 hours.

In fact, if left unchecked, mold can have serious impact to your health and to the physical structure of your homes. Without the proper treatment and remediation of mold, it can weaken the structure of your homes and you may find yourself homeless in a blink of an eye. Living or working in a building that has a significant mold growth is not only unsanitary but hazardous to your health.

Once you see signs of mold that can seriously infect your homes and buildings, you only have to pick up the phone and call our offices to resolve the problem prevent long-term damage.

What is mold?

Molds and mildews are the term given for thousands of species of filamentous fungi. These have clusters of spores, at the end of which you can find tiny stalks that act as the reproductive organ of a mature mold. The mycelium, or the web-like body of the mold, attaches itself to porous surfaces and may contain chemical compounds that are poisonous and toxic to humans.

Molds result to the biodegradation of natural materials, which cause the spoilage of food and damage to property. Molds can also cause diseases to both animals and humans because of the mold spores, the growth of pathogenic molds within the body, from the effects of ingested or inhaled toxic compounds.

The reason why molds can easily attach to the human body is because the mold spores become airborne and they can be inhaled. Depending on the exposure to the molds and the tolerance of a person’s body, molds can have serious health consequences.

Residential Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage is a common and destructive problem that any homeowner or building owner can face. When not addressed properly, the water that enters your home can cause damage to your electric wires, furnishing, flooring, wallpaper, appliances, and many more. Water damage may also start the presence, the growth, and the eventual spread of mold or mildew.

If your buildings fell victims to water damage, call Environmental Protective Solutions (EPS) immediately and be guided by our experts on how to answer the challenge of water damage and mold growth.

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