Four Dangers Of A Leaking Roof And Lakeland Water Damage

Lakeland water damage is a serious concern when there is a leaking roof. That is why it’s important that you call a professional to help you with the issue of water damage and other dangers that this can cause. Although there are many different types of household emergencies, a leaking roof or a leaking pipe is the one thing you cannot procrastinate on. As soon as the problem has been detected, you need to go call a professional contractor and have it fixed.

There are a number of reasons why roofs would leak, including improper installation, wind or storm damage, and lack of regular maintenance. You might also need to check how many years you’ve had the roof on because roofs are only meant to last for 20 to 30 years. Afterwards, you’ll have to replace them.

Here are four more dangers that a leaky roof can cause your homes:

Interior mold and mildew

One of the most serious and long-term problem of a leaky roof is the growth of mold and mildew inside your homes. Mold can easily spread through the home structure. From a leaking roof, it can spread to the HVAC system, the vents, carpets, clothes, furniture, etc. The most dangerous and common type of mold is black mold. This is a result of chronic water intrusion. Though toxic black mold is rare, even the non-toxic type can affect floor coverings, ceiling tiles, and wood framing.

Health concerns due to mold

Aside from ruining your furniture, clothes, and other house items, mold can also post several serious health issues. Those with existing conditions such as asthma, nasal congestion, rhinitis, and inflammations can suffer more from the presence of mold and mildew inside their homes. It can also lead to allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms even for people without asthma history.

Attic and ceiling damage

The primary danger of a leaking roof is the damage that it can cause to the attic area and the ceiling. The presence of an attic in your homes may even save you from having to deal with the effects of leaking roof on your interior ceiling. If there is no attic, the interior ceiling may be affected and you’ll notice that the ceiling paint will darken and the ceiling plaster may bubble and expand.

Compromised structural integrity

Obviously, the most common effect of leaking roof is the damage it can cause to the structure of your home. Leaking roof can damage rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing, and fascia boards. Homeowners may even have to spend on wood framing repairs if water leaks down the joists and walls.

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