Four Possible Causes Of Lakeland Water Damage

It is easy to assume where the Lakeland water damage came from. We can pinpoint to a leaking roof or a leaking pipe, especially if there was a previous history with these problems. However, a water damage does not always come from a roof or a pipe problem. Most people feel that because there is a water mark on the ceiling or the wall that the problem comes from the roof.

It’s actually hard to diagnose where a leakage is coming from, especially if you don’t have the expertise and the equipment for it. Just because there’s a water mark on the ceiling doesn’t mean that the problem is a roof leak. Water travels from one place to another, so a leak at the corner of your house can travel to another corner, making you think that the leak is coming from that location.

It’s always best to have an experienced contractor you can call. Here are four possible causes of water damage that can affect your homes:

Water pipes leaking or dripping

Most water pipes can be found either in the basements of your homes or the attics. Leaking pipes are often the problem of water damage inside one’s home. That and accumulating condensation can cause the water maybe not to leak from the pipes, but to drip due to moisture and condensation. This happens all the time, and contractors are well aware to check all pipes before moving on to a more serious diagnosis.


Condensation can accumulate in your homes when they are not properly ventilated or insulated. A humidifier that is set too high can also cause condensation and moisture to build up in your homes, especially your attics and your basements. If you have a whole-house humidifier, make sure that it is set not more than 30 percent per manufacturer guidelines.

Clogged gutters

Water can be backed up by debris in your gutters. If you don’t properly clean your gutters of fallen leaves and other debris, water has nowhere to go. To prevent this from happening, you can install gutter guards, so buildup of debris in your gutters will be lessened. If you don’t like using gutter guards, it’s best to make sure the gutters and downspouts are always clean.

Ice or water built up

Even if there is no leakage inside your homes, you can still suffer from water damage caused by melting snow (if you live in a place where there’s snow) or stagnant water surrounding your house. When snow melts or water is pooled around your house, there is a huge possibility that it may leak into your homes.

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