Lakeland Water Damage Problems That May Arise From Leaky Roofs

There are many structural household problems that may arise throughout the years, but none is as serious as a leaky roof. Besides the fact that it can cause structural damage to homes, it can also cause water damage that may affect the entire home’s furnishing. Even your appliances won’t be saved by any kind of Lakeland water damage—may it be a minor or major one.

Attic and ceiling damage

The first room that a leaky roof will affect is the attic. Any damage on the roof or any water leaking from it will naturally affect the contents of the attic, as well as the structure of the ceiling there. This is your first line of defense. Once this is damaged, the water will easily get into the main house. Aside from that, the leaking water will also affect the paint and plaster on nearby walls. It will cause the walls to darken and to bubble. Damage may also be done on ceiling-mounted lights and fans.

Presence of mold and mildew

The most serious consequence of a leaking roof is the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can easily spread throughout the home’s structure through the HVAC system. It can damage carpets, furniture, and even clothing. When chronic water intruded into your homes, this can result to black mold, the most dangerous type of mold there is. Although the growth of toxic black mold is rare, it is not entirely impossible. When mold arises, it is difficult and rather costly to eliminate.

Fire hazard

If you have electrical wiring in your ceiling or attic, a leaky roof could pose a fire hazard. The wiring may be damaged by the leaking water and may therefore, cause fire. When there is an area of your roof that is leaking, make sure to call the electrician and have the power there cut off.

Health hazard

Although it doesn’t always happen, there are many health hazards associated with having leaky roofs. When water leaks from the roof, it will pool on the floor surface. If you have children in the house who love to play around, they can accidentally step on that pool of water and slip.

Utility bills

A leaky roof may affect the insulation of your attic area. This means that your home may lose hot and cool air, pushing the HVAC system to work doubly hard to maintain the right temperature. This usually results to higher utility bills.

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