Cleaning Up After A Lakeland Water Damage Restoration

Whenever your homes go through a Lakeland water damage, what instantly comes to your mind is the amount of possessions, material or not, damaged by the water. Although a water damage company can help you in removing the water, moisture, and mold from your homes, as well as pinpoint the reason for the damage, you will still have to deal with the damaged possessions you now have in your hands.

It is most likely that your property will need a cleanup of its walls, floors, and surfaces. This is not just any ordinary cleanup. It needs professional cleaning treatments that use high-grade commercial equipment and procedures. So, aside from the actual cleanup of the water from your homes, you also need to hire expert professionals who can clean your belongings such as the furniture, upholstery, clothing, and other restorable personal items.

Odor removal and deodorization treatments

This is probably the most important treatment that your house will receive after a Lakeland water damage. Water damage will smell really bad even after it has been cleaned up and restored. Any professional company would know that after the cleaning up process, it is the really bad odor they have to deal with. Imagine going home to a house that smells? That’s as bad as going home to a house with water damage or with really moldy walls.

Flooding and water damage would, of course, require for the cleaning and restoration company to remove all odors from the house. It will also require for the company to deodorize the house and make sure that all kinds of bad odor have been removed safely without the use of chemicals and harmful substances.

Restore, not replace

Instead of having the “replace” attitude that most victims of water damage have, a reputable water damage company will instead restore your house and your belongings as if they were new. They can also preserve keepsakes and memorabilia, including photos and other personal items and belongings. These are the things that cannot be replaced.

Here are the types of cleaning that are important in the restoration of your belongings after a water damage: dry cleaning, wet cleaning, spray and wipe, foam cleaning, abrasive cleaning, and immersion cleaning.

Restoring your belongings means more to you, right? Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new items, you will still get to enjoy the actual things that have sentimental value to you. That’s why before choosing a Lakeland water damage company, make sure that it has all the right equipment and tools, and that it follows proper procedures.

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