5 Questions To Ask A Lakeland Water Damage Client

How does one know what Lakeland water damage company to hire? The same process that goes through the mind of the client is exactly the same thoughts contractors have once they encounter a water damage problem. What exactly is the problem and how can this be dealt with without complications from the clients?

Some clients are too demanding and sensitive that contractors are finding it hard to deal with them and address the issue at the same time. There are questions a contractor needs to ask, but the client might not feel obligated to answer at all. Communication is the key between the contractor and the client. Here are five things they need to know before diving head on into a problem:

Is the water damage flood related or did it come from inside the house?

In Florida, most of the cases of water damage in homes are caused by leakage of pipes and moisture inside the house. Even before a contractor agrees to check what damage has been done, they need to know if this was caused by a flood or by something inside your house. This is an integral part of their process.

Are you going to leave or stay in the house?

Contractors actually prefer their clients and their families to leave their homes while the restoration is being done. Some clients feel that they should not be made to leave their homes and yet demand that any work should not interrupt their normal routines. That is crazy and not practical for contractors. There should be a compromise here.

How much time are you giving us?

Contractors should be the one to tell the clients how many days it will take to restore their homes to their former glories, but some clients are too demanding that they end up setting a deadline for the contractors. It’s always nice to find a common ground, so contractors feel obliged to ask their clients about their expected timetable.

Have you done any kind of emergency “repair” before calling us?

Did the client try and drain the water away? Was there an attempt to deal with the problem on their own? What kind of methods were used? It is important for the contractor to know if there were chemicals used or if appliances and other fixtured were moved post water damage.

Is there a regular maintenance of your house?

Are chemicals involved? Was there a recent renovation or repair in your house? Lakeland water damage contractors need to identify where the problem is coming from. Knowing the history of the maintenance and repair of your homes will help them.

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