Explaining Lakeland Water Damage To Your Kids

When something happens in your homes, you’re not the only one affected by it. Even your kids are looking for explanations as to why their rooms, their basement, their attic have been damaged by the water. Where does the Lakeland water damage comes from? There was no flood, so where did the water come from? There are so many questions kids ask that it can sometimes be overwhelming to explain every concept to them.

It’s important that we continue to talk with our children when it comes to the responsibilities we have inside the house. It’s not enough that we tell them we have to move for a while or they have to leave their rooms or people will be coming to fix the house. We need to let them understand what’s happening, so they will feel more involved with the everyday happenings inside their own homes.

Let them see what the issues are

If it’s not to dangerous, once the power has been turned off and all the sockets have been emptied, you need to show your kids what happened to their home. If the basement was flooded, let them see it from the top of the stairs. If there is moisture and mold in the attic, show it to them as long as they wear a protective mask to keep them from inhaling whatever toxins is in the air. Showing your kids the issues will help them better understand what’s happening around them.

Explain to them that it’s only temporary

A Lakeland water damage is temporary. Once the contractor comes in and they start doing their magic in your homes, the water damage problems will only be a thing of the past. Although it may sound technical, your kids will appreciate your effort to explain to them what’s happening in their home. This is an important element in building the trust between children and parents—you have to trust your kids that they will understand even the simplest and the most complicated of issues.

Nothing will change

Kids can sometimes hate changes brought about by issues like a water damage. They think that they would have to change rooms or that their toys were damaged or that they would have to share their space with their siblings or even with you, their parents. Let them know that it is still their home and that a Lakeland water damage will not change that.

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