Understanding The Presence of Mold During Lakeland Water Damage

When there is a Lakeland water damage in your home, one of the things we always try to prevent is the increased presence of mold, which, as we understand it, thrives in moist surroundings. Why do we need to prevent the presence of mold? It is unhealthy to us to come into contact with mold, even to breath air in a room full of moldy appliances, furniture, carpeting, and walls.

There are many different types of mold but it is always better to understand what it is first. Microscopic mold spores exist everywhere, even in places you didn’t think it would be present in. It is almost impossible to remove mold completely from one home or business but we use the word “almost” because there are a lot of claims about removing mold completely. It is up to you to believe such fallacy.

Present everywhere

Mold can thrive in all kinds of environment, but it has a special affection for wet and moist environments. It is present everywhere, indoors or outdoors. You think you wouldn’t see mold outside during daytime? Mold is seen near canals, garbage facilities, and anywhere that has moisture.

Float in the air

Because mold spores are microscopic, they can enter your homes through the air. You breath them in, and they can spread through your windows, your air conditioning system, your pets, your clothing, etc. It is so microscopic that it has spread long before you were able to detect its presence inside your home.

Grow in colonies

Mold can quickly spread throughout your house. When you already have a small group of mold in your home, it can multiply in colonies because of a water damage. That is why it’s important to address this issue as soon as you notice that there is mold presence inside your home. Exposure to water will cause it to spread rapidly. Before the removal of mold begins, the source of water damage or moisture must first be addressed. There is no solution to mold removal without solving the water problem first.

Musty odor

So, how would you know that there is mold inside your home? Search for a strong, musty odor. That is a clear sign that there is mold thriving somewhere inside the very room you’re in. It also wants dark and moist spaces, so you may want to check out your attic and your basement, especially during winter season.

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