3 Types of Lakeland Water Damage That Could Happen To Your Homes

We’ve talked a lot about Lakeland water damage situations in the past, but do you know the most common types of water damage in the house? Surprisingly, it’s not even water leaking from pipes, though that is common, too. There are other situations that guarantee a call to your water damage restoration contractor and maybe even to your home insurance.

Sewer or water backup

Sewer backup is the most unpleasant type of water damage that could happen to your homes. It happens when water comes up or is pushed into your home through the pipes from the sewer or drainage system. This involves dirty water from the sewers that will damage your properties and will also post a hazard on your health because it is unsanitary.

There are many reasons for sewer or water backup. The city’s main sanitary pipes may have been blocked, so this will cause the water to back up through your pipes. The sewer system in your neighborhood may be old and may be requiring repairs already. The tree roots could also be blocking some older sewer pipes in the system, so a preventive maintenance is always a must.

Overflow or discharge water damage

Have you ever had your washing machine overflow on you? This is what it means to have an overflow water damage. When water escapes or overflows from your appliances, pipes, or water outlets, it could damage your home, your furniture, your appliances, your flooring, and your walls. Discharge, on the other hand, happens when pipes leak or basically when water is released from plumbing or appliances. If a pipe bursts, that is discharge water damage.

These issues are almost always sudden and accidental because most homeowners are very careful to maintain their pipes and their appliances seeing as these can cause quite a lot of damage.

Flood water damage

It rarely happens in Florida but you never know when it might come what with the climate change and all. We like saying that our home is “flooded,” when what happened was that a pipe broke and well, yes, flooded our homes. But when it comes to water damage contractors, the term flood refers to a natural catastrophe. It is something caused by nature. When flood happens, you are not the only one affected, but the whole neighborhood as well. You cannot say that your house got flooded when you’re the only one who has water inside the house and your neighbors are not affected at all.

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