Can Your Home Insurance Cover Your Lakeland Water Damage?

Have you taken a home insurance for your homes? Does the policy coverage include Lakeland water damage? Unknown to many, water damage is one of the most common causes of damage in a home. It represents a large number of insurance claims, but unfortunately, not all insurance policies have got water damage covered.

Water damage happens to one’s property because of a variety of reasons, but the most common culprits are leakage from the plumbing or appliances, storms and other natural disasters, accidents, and infiltration. Depending on your policy, your home may actually be protected from water damage. If that is the case, well and good because your insurance will take care of the restoration of your homes back to its former glory. The problem, however, is when the insurance company has to take on an investigation and an analysis of what happened to your house to decide if it falls under one of the categories of water damage coverages.

If the water damage is sudden and accidental, there’s a good chance that your insurance got you covered. The problem lies in your failure to maintain your homes; when there are signs of an impending water damage that you failed to address. Insurance companies don’t want covering neglect. It means that when the reason for the water damage in your home is because of neglect, there’s a good chance that your home insurance policy won’t cover that.

A standard home insurance policy covers the following: discharge and overflow of water from appliances and plumbing, damage caused by a malfunction in the hot water heating system, and the freezing of plumbing and pipes. There are other cheaper and more limited type of coverages, but the standard seems to cover those three mentioned above, at the very least.

If you would like to be assured that your water damage problem will be covered by your insurance policy no matter what, you may want to purchase additional endorsements. This would most probably include sewer backup or water backup, overflow and discharge from appliances and plumbing, and flood and other acts of nature.

Although the source of water damage is not something that is too obvious at first, this is what we should check the moment water pooled or there was a flood in our homes. Knowing the source of the damage could help us determine if the house insurance policy would shoulder the expenses of renovating the house.

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