What A Technician Does To Solve Your Lakeland Water Damage Problem

Once you encounter a Lakeland water damage problem, you are going to be faced with the need to understand different processes that will solve the issue in your home or your business. Calling the experts is a good enough decision because you need all the professional help you can get in order to remove the stagnant water in your home or your business and also, to make sure that this will never happen again.

When a technician arrives at your house or your place of business, you will notice that he will be in full protective clothing. He must be wearing rubber gloves, face mask, rubber boots, safety goggles, glasses, and a respirator calibrated for areas with high amounts of moisture. The respirator is a must for every technician because it will prevent him from inhaling airborne contaminants such as mold and fungi, which could lead to diseases or illnesses.

Know the extent of the damage

Before a technician starts his work on your home or office, he must first know the extent of the damage in the area. That means a thorough inspection of the area will be required, so that he can identify the areas that need the most attention. Most likely, he will start on the areas that have been penetrated thoroughly by water. It is impossible to detect this by sight, so the technician will use a moisture meter on the drywall and wood and paper materials.

The moisture meter is the most crucial device that a water damage restoration technician has because he will be using it up until the completion of the project. This will be used to check and monitor the areas that have already been restored. The moisture meter will make sure that there is no high level of moist in the treated areas.

Focus the work per area and location

Once the damage has been identified, it’s time for the technician to draft a work schedule according to the areas and locations that were affected by the water. The technician will focus the work per area, so that the process will be followed to a T. Unless you hired multiple teams for the job, the focus will be to work on one area before moving to the next one. This will allow the water damage restoration technicians to put all their attention on the areas that need it the most. Such a process and timeline are beneficial for both the homeowner or business owner and the Lakeland water damage contractor.

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