First Five Steps You Need To Take When Lakeland Water Damage Happens

They said that prevention is the cure, but how would you know that a pipe is about to burst or that a dishwasher is losing its capacity to hold the water in? Sure, you can do daily checkups and maintenance, but that is still not enough to ensure that Lakeland water damage will never happen in your homes or your offices.

When it does happen, though, you need to be ready or else, you will face the bitter realization that more work needs to be done and more damages resulted from the flooding of your property.

Stop the source

The most common cause of water damage is a busted pipe. Check if you can turn off any valve inside your home. If it is not accessible, go outside and turn off the main water switch. That should do the job. If the water is coming from your dishwasher or your washing machine, turn the appliance off.

Think safe

You need to turn off all power from the rooms that were affected. If you are near the main switch, that’s well and good because you can turn it off immediately after making sure, of course, that it did not get wet or that your hands are not wet, too. Remember that you can get electrocuted because of this, so always put your safety first. Walk carefully on wet surfaces and be careful when moving from a saggy carpet to a concrete floor. Do not walk under a sagging part of the ceiling because it may collapse. To help with the burden of carrying the water, you can punch a hole in the ceiling and let the water flow into a bucket.

Remove only clean water

If it’s clean water, you can remove standing water using a vacuum especially made for this. If you have no access to an industrial wet vacuum, do not attempt to do this using your home or handheld vacuums as they are not meant to do that kind of job. You can only do this if the water is clean. If it’s a contaminated water and it came from the sewage, leave the job to the professionals.

Transfer valuables to a safe place

Do you have expensive paintings on the walls? It’s time to move them outside or in a room that was not affected by the water damage. Remove any valuables you might have inside drawers and closets and secure them in another room or if you can, transfer them to a nearby place—perhaps a trusted neighbor’s house?

Call competent and professional restoration contractor

Do not wait. A professional water damage restoration company should be your first call when a Lakeland water damage happens in your house or your office. They would know what to do and how to manage the standing water in the area. Leave the job to the experts.

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