What The Lakeland Water Damage Contractor Needs To Know Before Providing Services

You think Lakeland water damage incidences are far and in between? There are actually thousands of water damage incidences in home that happen in a month or so. It is not truly uncommon for these things to happen because of the weather conditions in the area where the property is located, the neglect of the homeowners, and the general well-being of the house.

When you call the experts to take care of the water damage in your house, they will ask you a lot of questions regarding the source of the damage and the possible past incidences of water damage that you have dealt with in the past. Be prepared to answer all these questions and you also need to let them know what other concerns you have about the incident.

Valuables left behind

When the pipe exploded or the dishwasher malfunctioned and water is suddenly all over the house, the first thing you might have done is to leave the area and call the experts. Though that is a smart solution, you should also have grabbed the valuables you have inside the house. If you somehow cannot do this, let the professionals know that you want to go with them during the inspection, so you can take out the stuff you have inside. Or, if you are not comfortable going into a house with water everywhere, perhaps you might have to ask the contractor to put everything in boxes and hand them over to you.

Past water issues

Did the same thing happen to you in the past? Was there ever a water damage incident in the last decade in your house? If so, what was the source then? It’s important for the experts to know if there is any history of busted or leaked pipes in your house, so it will be easier for them to look for the problem. Sometimes, the issue keeps coming back and it may not be enough to simply repair the pipes. You might have to replace everything and though that will cost a lot of money, it will also secure your family and your home for the future.


Do you have a specific deadline in mind? Do you need the house for something important that cannot be delayed? Do you have a place where you can stay in while the house is being cleaned? The contractor needs to know what kind of leeway you can give him in terms of schedule, so that he can plan ahead and make the best possible decisions for your water damage.

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